Project # 1: WEB

Value: 15%
Due date: WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 30, 2008


You will be creating a website with DREAMWEAVER.

It will contain an INDEX page which will be linked to 9 other pages.

Centered in the middle of the index page you will have a TABLE with 3 rows and 3 columns. (9 cells total)

In each CELL you will insert an ANIMATED GIF. Each gif will be 100 X 100 pixels and will be composed of a minimum of three frames. You will use FIREWORKS to create your gifs.

Every gif will be linked to another html page where the viewer will be able to see or read more content related to the gif you have created. (For example: what is the meaning of the image, what was involved in the creation of the image, what were you thinking at the time when you were making the image. You can include other images related to it, other texts etc. Think of this as a notebook.)

Your website will contain a minimum of one animation made with Flash.

Your WEB project will be evaluated on its design, ease of use - navigation, aesthetics, and content.