Project # 2: VIDEO

Value: 20%
Due date: WEDNESDAY, February 27, 2008


• Create an art video by randomly choosing a genre (film genre*) an object and a film quote. You will have to create a video based on the genre that you have selected. The object must be playing an important role in your video. The quote has to be stated verbally.

* film “genre" generally refers to the descriptive category that a film might fall into. E.g. similarities in narrative elements, themes.

Basic Requirements
• Your video must a sound track.
• Your video must have titles and credits.
• You must credit the film quote that you have used.
• Your video will have at least 3 effects.
• You will have various types of shots, close up, medium and long.
• You can use up to 30% of your total footage from royalty free video like Internet Archives if you wish.

• The video must be presented and handed in on February 27, in NTSC - DVD video format.

Note: You are not allowed to shoot in malls or stores. If you are using people, get permission. One way is to have people say their names on tape and that they permit you to use the material in your video. You should reassure people that you will treat their image and speaking parts in a respectful manner, and follow up by doing so.

In film theory, genre refers to the primary method of film categorization. A "genre" generally refers to films that share similarities in the narrative elements from which they are constructed.