Project # 2: Remix

Value: 20%
DUE DATE: April 23, 2008


• This assignment revolves around the idea and the process of appropriation and transformation. You must take as a starting point an already existing digital audio as source material and remix the material to create a new meaning and to realize a new work of art. Your work will be evaluated on skill (i.e. technical), form (i.e. aesthetic) and content (i.e. concept).
• You must choose source material(s) that are royalty free and publish your remix on your website / blog, by the due date, with the appropriate Creative Commons license.
• In your remix, you will incorporate a minimum of 3 natural environmental sounds and / or other non-inherently-musical noises.

APRIL 23 is a Presentation day.
You must hand in your project on that day. Good luck and have fun!