3 - Assignment JITTER

Value: 10%
Due date: MONDAY, February 4, 2008

Create a video mixer that will allow the user to:

1. Import video clips
2. Apply discreet effects (1 at the time)
3. Create pop up windows
Your mixer must have recording capabilities.
You must use the following objects
UBUMENU (object for the effect selection)

Make your patch look good and good luck!

• Upload the video file to Ourmedia / Internet Archives. Post a link to your Blogger account by February 4th at 9 am.
You will be presenting your patch to the class on Monday February 4th 2008.
Your program will be evaluated on its design:
Is it easy to use and is it doing what it is suppose to do.




Download file: 1.playing a movie
Download file: 2.how to disply video fullscreen
Download file: 3.recording on tape
Download file: 4.digitize video from outside
Download file: 5.adding effects
Download file: 6.adding 2 effects