2 - Assignment MSP

Value: 10%
Due date: MONDAY, JANUARY 28, 2008

You must create a program with MSP that:
1. will start playing a sound file and loop it.
2. will use a random object to change the speed at which the file is being played.
3. You will use the key object to start an oscillator (cycle~). The same random object that is used to select the speed of the sound file will select the frequency of the oscillator. Remember the usefulness of an object like SCALE
4. The sound file and the oscillator will be recorded as one .aif file.

Good luck!

• Upload the sound file - as an MP3 - to Ourmedia / Internet Archives. Post a link with the ourmedia player + a downloadable link to your Blogger account by January 28 at 9 am.

You will be presenting your patch to the class on Monday January 28.
Your program will be evaluated on its design:
Is it easy to use and is it doing what it is suppose to do.


Download ZIP folder

1.listening to a sound
2.play a file with buffer
3.play a file with sfpaly
4.record a file with sfrecord

5.using mic as sensor
you will need to add Tristan Jehan analyzer~ object: