1 - Assignment MAX 10%

Value: 10%
Due date: MONDAY, JANUARY 23, 2008

Built a program with Max that will start generating music and or noise on its own. The program will start when you hit on the space bar and stop when you hit the letter w.

Your program will have:
• 3 MIDI channels with different voices on each one
• Send and Receive objects
• Save the patch as both: a text file and binary file.
• Upload the patches - a text file- onto your Blog.
• Make a recording of the sound generated by your program and upload the sound file to Ourmedia / Internet Archives. Post a link with the ourmedia player + a downloadable link to your Blogger account by January 23 at 9 am.

You will be presenting your patch to the class on Monday January 23. Your program will be evaluated on its design: Is it easy to use and is it doing what it is suppose to do.





Download ZIP folder